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Bakery and 100% Local Artisan Market

Sunday - Tuesday 11am-3pm 

Wednesday Closed

Thursday - Saturday 10am-4pm 


Our Story

Together We Rise

The marketplace was created by Eric and Johanna. Eric is a passionate critical thinker, and is committed to social justice. He has worn many hats over the years, as a landscaper, game design student, and philosophy major, and of course, dad. 

Johanna is the baker behind the scenes at the Marketplace. She loves the art and science of bread baking, and feels a deep connection to the simple process of making such an essential item into something beautiful,  and also affordable. She is a PhD drop-out with an MA in Political Theory, and when she is not baking, or playing with Saskia, she is likely in the garden.

In September we welcomed a new team member, Emily, to the marketplace.  Born in Hamilton, Ontario, and living in Burk's Falls for the last 5 years, Emily is a welcome addition to our little team, and is quickly becoming a skilled donut maker and shop merchandiser. She is passionate about community, and has so many wonderful ideas to make the marketplace a hub for sharing and  activities.

As a team, we believe in community and kindness above everything, and we are passionate about connecting local people with makers, creators, and artisans in our community, turning away from big, capitalistic, growth centered business. We fundamentally oppose growth and wealth.

Above all, we stand with the indigenous people of this land, now called Canada, and are committed to working toward a more equitable, just, and egalitarian society for all those who now live here. Indigenous organizers, please contact us if you would like to use our space rent free. Indigenous artisans, we offer rent and commission free space to sell your work. 

We aim to work towards a future where food, shelter, and community are a given right, and not a privilege for those with economic power. If you are interested in discussing this, please contact us. 

Don't hesitate to ask us about ourselves! We can't wait to meet you.


Useful Information

Do you offer gluten free items?

While we are not a gluten free space, we can make gluten free cakes and donuts for special order. We cannot guarantee that your food has not come in contact with gluten, and as such we ask that you inform us of an extreme intolerance or celiac.

Do you make any vegan items?

Everything we make here is plant based -- that means it is dairy, egg, and animal product free. We share the kitchen with Jude's Country Diner, and so we cannot guarantee and entirely dairy and egg free space, though our section of the kitchen never comes in contact with animal products and byproducts.

How do I keep my purchases fresh?

We do not use plastic packaging,except on rare occasions when we use biodegradable cellophane bags. This means that you may need to take extra steps to preserve your bread and goodies. We recommend keeping your food in a glass or plastic container, or even a grocery bag, in order to preserve the freshness. The best option, though, is a waxed canvas/cloth wrap or bag  which will preserve the freshness of your food while allowing for breathability and allowing for excess moisture to escape.

Do you make cakes?

Yes! We love making custom cakes for our customers. Call the shop or send an email to place an order. We generally require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cake orders, but exceptions can sometimes be made. During busy seasons please order early, because our bookings may fill up and we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Contact Us

120 Ontario St, Burk's Falls, ON P0A 1C0, Canada

(705) 382-1118

Thanks for submitting!

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